Make your Franklin is born after a simple idea : share different visions of the same object, the 100 dollar bill. Our choice tended on this bill because of its universality and its symbolic value.


Everyone can participate, being creative doesn't necessitate being a "creative person". Our thought is creative, it just needs to be freed. Lose yourself in this project, give free reign to your imagination and share it.


Use the scan of the 100 dollar bill that we give away, only this one, for the project to be uniform. Keep in mind to keep the dimensions of the bill (7300x3000), the minimum size being (1000x410).


Make your Franklin offers everyone to share its creativity around the 100 dollar bill, to give it a new life, a different meaning than the one society gave to it. Imagination and creativity are things that a proper to one another, it's interesting to observe at was state it is true by looking at this project

format : .jpeg /.jpg / .png

max dimensions : 7300x3000

min dimensions : 1000x411

max weight : 25 Mo

color mode : RVB

definition : 72dpi